Our entertainment packages are as follows:


1.      30 minute show - Call to inquire

Includes silks, flowers, small box illusions, disappearing liquid, floating wand, floating cane, audience participation and close-up magic, handcuff escapes, doves.

2.      45 minutes show - Call to inquire

Same as 30 minute show with person levitation, floating book and audience participation with handcuff escape, Houdini Neck and ankle cuff and chain escape.

3.      1 hour show - Call to inquire

All of the above with Dragon Chair Appearance, Tip Trunk appearance, Metamorphoses chest floating, Lady off of table into midair. We also do a religious show for parents and children together these shows the about an hour and a half to set up and take down. We do college’s, corporate events, fundraising event, private parties, festivals, religious organizations. For now for-profit charities we have a package to help you pay for our shows without taking money from your funds. We will be glad to work with you if you are serious about raising funds.